Stock Availability

Many of times when you are surfing the internet for online purchasing, you must have noticed a term ‘out of stock’. As we all know that it simply means unavailability of products in the online store. There is one more meaning of it and that is there is non-availability of products on immediate terms. When such condition occurs, your order is automatically given the first preference and delivered to you at the time of stock on arrival. The notification is send to the customers whenever the stock is available if the product is on their wish list.

Basically, the inventory level is used to know that items are available at the time of reordered or not. The stock availability feature is generally greater than the value of zero. In another way, such threshold feature is used for managing all the products which are usually higher in demand. If anyone wants to create a new customer list apart from the existing one who buys the products in bulk; it is important to set up the maximum quantity. This helps in offering them the items on time which they are actually looking for.

For any query or to know the availability of the products, you can contact our team. We are happy to help you.