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Terms and Conditions



The terms and conditions of Future Forward are subject to change and you agree and understand that it would be your responsibility to review them from time to time. Should you find any terms which you are not happy with, you reserve the right to discontinue with us. The terms can be updated by us at any point of time on our discretion.


  1.    We are the next generation online platform for buying and selling of cameras. You will be able to make payments and carry out other transactions through our website.
  2.     You understand that we are not responsible for directory information, ads, business information/listing, which are being carried out by the third party companies we are associated with.
  3.    You agree and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the content which you have posted and it would be your responsibility to produce the necessary documents in form of evidence that you are the true owner of the camera or other accessories.
  4.    We do not permit any sort of copyright infringement activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on our platform. We reserve the right to delete/remove any post or ad which we think would be necessary. Someone found infringing would be immediately removed from our domain and can also face legal charges


You hereby agree not to post, upload or display anything which falls under the following categories

  •       Violates any law or regulation
  •       That is patented or copyrighted or protected by secret trademark
  •       That  infringes any of the foregoing intellectual property rights of any party
  •       Something that is abusive, harmful, unlawful, obscene, pornographic materials on your platform
  •       Something that could spread hatred towards any particular individual, group or community or anything that is based on religion, gender, and sexual orientation.
  •       That violates any equal employment laws on the basis of sex, gender, race, creed, and religion
  •       That threatens the security, integrity, and unity of India or something that can damage the country’s relationship with its allies
  •       That includes information or details about another individual without his/her consent
  •       That impersonates any entity or person
  •       Any misleading information which can be menacing and offensive in nature
  •       That contains and constitutes affiliate marketing, pyramid schemes, link referral code, spam, chain letters or unsolicited advertisements that are commercial in nature
  •       That contains a link to any third party service providers or any other types of commercial services
  •       That you would contact someone only when you have been asked to contacted and would not make any unsolicited moves
  •       Make any sort of defamatory comments or posts about anyone
  •       Collect personal details about other users for any type of commercial purposes
  •       Collect personal information about other users to carry out any illegal an unlawful activity
  •       Use any data mining tools for downloading or scraping data from our platform
  •       Repeat a post time and again
  •       Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the servers of Future Forward and try to manipulate or disrupt the services.
  •       Use any kind of program or application that would enable automatic posting on our platform.
  •       Engage in any sort of spamming


We may charge a certain amount as a fee for posting contents in some sections of our “Paid Services” area. The fee allows the user to post contents in a certain designated area on our platform. You would be responsible for every single content that you post and you hereby confirm that you would adhere by the terms and conditions. Any such fees paid would be non-refundable in nature even if the content is removed from our platform due to a violation of our policies.


Here the term “Posting Agents” refer to any third party, intermediary or service which offers to post contents on other’s behalf. When it comes to using posting agents, we prohibit it, either directly or indirectly. In case there is a requirement to use Posting Agents, in that case, you would need written permission from us.


Future Forward grants you a revocable, limited and non-exclusive license in order to use and access our services for your personal use. The license granted does not include the following:

  •       Using any Posting Agents
  •       Using any application or program to collect and gather data from our platform
  •       Posting irrelevant content which could be obscene or derogatory in nature
  •       Spamming on our platform
  •       Using our platform for any sort of promotion or advertising any other third party business



We will make every effort to ensure that information on pricing, listing and availability of products on our site are accurate and up to date. However, on rare occasions, there might be an error in this information. In such cases, we reserve the right to undo the sale and process the full refund. We further reserve the right to change any information with respect to price & availability at any time, without prior notice.
You can pay via any one of the following methods of payment: Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Digital Wallets including PayTM, UPI and Wire transfer. Credit/Debit Card, Digital Wallets, UPI and Net Banking Payments are processed via our online payment service partners. We will continue to add new payment options to add to your convenience of transacting on the website directly.


We are not liable for any sort of infringement of any intellectual property rights that might arise out of the materials transmitted or posted through our platform, or the items that are advertised on our platform by any third parties or any end users.


You hereby understand that by using our platform, you will be exposed to contents from different sources and we will not be responsible for the usefulness, accuracy or intellectual property rights with regards to such contents. You also agree that it would be entirely your responsibility to check the authenticity of the seller and the product prior to making the purchase. We will not be responsible in case of any fraud.

You further acknowledge and understand that you might come across contents which can be inaccurate, objectionable and indecent andyouagree to waive, and hereby do waive, any legal or equitable rights or remedies you have or may have against Future Forward with respect thereto.

You also agree to the fact that as long as you are a member of our community you will abide by the set terms and conditions which are subject to change. You are also free to part with us if you find any such changes colliding with your interest.