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Continuous Lights

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Kodak V578 LED Video Light

Kodak V578 LED Video Light
₹ 2,999 ₹ 3,999
30 Cashback Points

MixWand 18II RGBWW

MixWand 18II RGBWW
₹ 13,499 ₹ 20,535
135 Cashback Points

MT1 Magic RGB Tube Light (Waterproof)

MT1 Magic RGB Tube Light (Waterproof)
₹ 10,200 ₹ 16,990
102 Cashback Points

Godox Photography Light 1000D II (2Yaer Warranty)

Color Temperature: 5600K, ±300K Wireless, On-Board, and DMX Control Dimming: 0-100% Maximum Power: 70W Built-In Color Filter Slot Yoke with Tightening Knob Four Reflective Barndoors Built-In 13 to 16.8V DC Power Supply Accepts 14.8V BP-L V-Mount Batteries
₹ 25,600 ₹ 29,490
256 Cashback Points

Digitek Video Light Led-D416 (Combo)

Digitek Video Light Led-D416 (Combo)
₹ 2,750 ₹ 3,995
28 Cashback Points

Godox S60 LED Focusing Light

Focus: 6 to 55°, 32 Channels Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96/97, DMX Dims 0-100%, Smartphone App Control 100-240 VAC , Optional V-Mount Battery Optional Wireless Remote Control
₹ 27,396 ₹ 31,490
274 Cashback Points

Amaran 200d LED Light

Amaran 200d LED Light
₹ 32,890 ₹ 32,990
329 Cashback Points

Digitek Lanten Led Light DCL-150 WB

Digitek Lanten Led Light DCL-150 WB
₹ 7,995 ₹ 9,995
80 Cashback Points

SmallRig RC 220D Daylight LED Monolight

SmallRig RC 220D Daylight LED Monolight
₹ 32,550 ₹ 35,500
326 Cashback Points

Godox SL100Bi Bi-Color LED Video Light.

Packed with advanced features and convenient control options, the SL100Bi Bi-Color LED Video Light from Godox checks all the boxes on your wish list. It has variable color temperature from 2800 to 6500K to handle any ambient light situation, match other fixtures, or spark creative expression
₹ 19,116 ₹ 22,490
191 Cashback Points

Godox SL200III Daylight LED Video Light

The SL200III Daylight LED Video Light from Godox is a sophisticated light source with a full range of professional features. Color temperature is a solid and dependable 5600K and it has high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/97 to indicate accurate color reproduction. The light intensity is variable from 0 to 100% and while you can make adjustments
₹ 32,500 ₹ 39,500
325 Cashback Points

Godox Litemons LC30Bi Tabletop Bi-Color LED Monolight

Lightweight and portable, the Litemons LC30Bi Bi-Color LED Light from Godox is a versatile and efficient lighting solution for content creators, tabletop product shooters, vloggers, and more. An intuitive and budget-friendly LED light, the LC30Bi makes it easy to set up and illuminate your shooting area. The fixture provides bright and dimmable
₹ 8,790 ₹ 9,990
88 Cashback Points
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