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Nikon CL-L2 Lens Case

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Nikon CL-L2 Lens Case

The Semi-Soft Case CL-L2 is designed for the larger Nikon telephoto lenses, e.g. AF-S 400 f/2.8 II, AF-S 600 f/4, AF-I 400 f/2.8. The AF-S/AF-I 400 can be stored in this case when attached to a camera body (including the digital SLR D1 and F5).

UPC: 018208043156

Nikon CL-L2 Lens Case

Lightweight, portable lens case

The case's parachute cloth exterior and water-resistant fastener offer protection in rain and other inclement weather

Side pockets added for greater utility

New plastic base at bottom of lens provides stability and waterproofing

Film, other items can be stored in two mesh outer side compartments

Belts on the back of the top cover can be adjusted to reduce the case length for more compact storage of lenses without camera bodies attached

An inner belt has been added to secure the lens in place